Oct. 13th, 2009 09:32 am
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Woke up this morning to a veritable deluge. Wow! And this is the first rain of the season. Driving to work was insane since we couldn't see the road for the water being thrown up by truck wheels. I know we need the rain and I really like rain, but wow this could be overkill. I do feel bad for the folks in Southern CA where the fires were. There are major concerns about mud and debris slides. Hope any cousins who live down south stay safe and dry.

Just wondering how many students we'll actually have this evening if the rain doesn't let up. Parents may not want to drive and I don't blame them. Could be a very quiet Tuesday.

Off to read some new fics that have just popped up. And I think I'm getting a cold. Darn it!
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Okay, so I really didn't want to go to rehearsal tonight. Just not in the mood and we're moving in about a month. This round is for the November show called Broadway's Greatest Moments. Don't ask what number, I don't remember anymore. At any rate, rehearsal was fun and It's really nice to see old friends.

Concert tomorrow and then Tahoe for the weekend. Yay, we're spending M's birthday up there. We may even get snow if the storm that's supposed to hit the Bay Area actually materializes. I'll just wait patiently.

Can't wait to hear how my students did on their SATs last weekend. It's unlikely that I'll see them this week. They've worked really hard getting ready for the test and I'm sure the last person they want to see is me. I'm the one who worked them so hard. I love my job. :)

Well, off to bed soon. Morning comes really early. Did I mention, I hate mornings? Nighty night.
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So, I'm typing the MFU novel "The Invisibility Affair" into a document so that Aithine can post it on her pulp fiction site.  Of course real life keeps getting in the way so I'm only about half way through. But I've found a way to make it easier on my ever aging eyes. Copy a couple of pages at a time and type from those. Now I don't have to keep picking up the book to see where I am. I have pretty black words on pretty white paper. Ahh, my eyes are happy. My wrists, on the other hand are not. Over the last two days I've typed about eight pages. I feel so accomplished. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Hair opens on Saturday. The vocal director has decided he needs more soprano from the pit. And now on songs I wasn't originally singing. Whee! Two days to learn music. Good thing I read. : D Can't wait for the show to open so I can take a break.

Enough nonsense for now. I have an SAT student coming in in about 10 minutes. I really love my job. My SAT students bring up their test scores by about 90 to 100 points every time they take a practice test. I'm so proud of them. This is why I teach.


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