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We opened tonight to a standing ovation. Very cool. I've now sung this show through since Wednesday and I will be on voice rest tomorrow so that I can sing the two shows that are left this weekend. I'm singing from the pit and I'm beat. I can't even imagine how the cast is feeling. There are four of us singing in the pit with the orchestra. It's all the fun of doing the show without having to learn choreography or deal with costumes and makeup but I do miss being on the stage.

I'm auditioning in November for a show called "Big River." Should be interesting. There are only a few women's parts because the show is about Huckleberry Finn. Hope I get in. I really need to find some shows to do now that ACLO is gone. Well, off I go to get some rest. We're going to a wedding tomorrow and then off to the theater. What a weekend!
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Okay, I know I'm getting paid to be stitch bitch (aka. wardrobe mistress) for Hair, but I'm not sure $500 is enough to deal with all the whining. One poor girl's costume came completely apart last night, not her fault. It's a really old dress and the stitching is equally old. Okay, no problem, I can just put it back together. Easy job.

The director is very specific about what he wants the different scenes to look like. So why can't folks just wear the costumes put together for them? Why do people have to bitch and whine that they don't like what they're wearing? I've worn ugly costumes too. I will fix any problem that comes up if I can, but if we don't have it we don't have it! Wear what you're given!

Enough griping. The show is going to be awesome. The tribe is really strong and very talented. I saw the show last night. Love the music, don't understand the show.

Ah...the Theater...


Jul. 31st, 2009 01:04 pm
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Just for fun, here's the trailer for our last show of the season. Hair. See if this brings back memories. :)


I can't begin to tell you how long it took us to get the spinny shot at the end. If you're in CA in September, try to see the show.
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We closed "Ragtime" yesterday. Seven shows, seven standing ovations. Wow. I can't remember a time when a show has been that well received. Don't know if I mentioned this but, our 'Sarah' was asked to audition in L.A. for the Broadway revival of the show. We're all waiting to hear if she got the part. Then we all have to figure out how to go to New York to see her. She was incredible. Actually, the entire cast was incredible.

Tech for "Annie" starts next week and I wardrobe supervisor. Luckily that's a fairly easy job. I just have to be in the theater during the show to fix any costume mishaps that occur.

After Annie we go on to Hair which opens in September. For this one I'm producer, wardrobe mistress and pit singer. It seems that our Executive Artistic Director felt we did such a great job producing Ragtime, he asked us to produce Hair. Should be a little easier, it's a much smaller cast.

Whew...I sure hope I can actually get cast in a show next year. I'm afraid that said artistic director has decided that I do so well behind the scenes that he won't cast me in anything. I'm dying to know what next year's shows are.

Did I mention, this is all done for fun???
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If not, I'm mentioning it now. We went out after the show last night with some of the folks from the orchestra. Mind you, Ragtime is a three hour show. Dinner was great, except the entire cast went to the same restaurant and we finally got seated about midnight. After dinner it was home to bed. Fell asleep about 2:30, 3:00 (am, that is) and got up at 6:30 am. M had to work and I had to go and do producer stuff for Hair. We filmed part of the trailer. Note I said part. Our artistic director is absolutely awesome. He has great vision. Unfortunately, he doesn't always remember that we don't have the technology to do what he wants the way he wants it.  Anyway, I finally came home. It's 3 in the afternoon. And we have a show tonight. I've already told M, I don't care what cast members want to do, I'm coming home and going to bed. So There.

I live for this summer season, every year and love every minute of it. Hmmm, wonder what shows we'll get next year. :D
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It's 1:30 in the morning and I beat. Wow, a standing ovation on opening night. I don't think we've ever had a standing ovation on opening night. Everyone sounded awesome. Now let's hope I can get to sleep. There's a matinee tomorrow.

Thanks for all your good wishes. M's solo was awesome. She really surprised everyone. We're usually in chorus so most people don't realize that either of us can really sing. Of course we wouldn't get  cast if we couldn't sing. Okay, now I'm babbling. Time to sleep.



Jul. 11th, 2009 05:37 pm
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It's finally here! IT"S OPENING NIGHT!!! M is nervous, she's never had a whole song in a show before. I'm nervous, it feels like we need more time. It's a gorgeous show and the cast is incredible. Go ACLO! Go RAGTIME!

I'll let you know how it goes.


Apr. 21st, 2009 10:50 pm
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Well, auditions are over. Callbacks are over. I didn't get called back for the part I wanted, didn't even make ensemble. I was offered pit (which means I sing all of the music in the show from the orchestra pit. Initially I said 'no.' After a couple of days to cool off, I was really pissed. I went and told the director that I would sing in the pit. After all, this way all I have to do is learn music. No costumes, no blocking, no dancing. And, frankly, it takes too much energy to stay mad at people I've been friends with for almost 10 years.


Apr. 17th, 2009 05:16 pm
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So, auditions are over. Thank God. I did a reasonably good audition, but didn't get called back for the role I wanted. I'm in the show though so I'm happy. I even did fairly well with the dance part of the audition. : P Tomorrow and Sunday it's callbacks, yippee.

I've discovered the downside to being a producer. Late nights. We didn't get home till almost 3am this morning cuz the producers help with the callback choices. Then over the weekend we're around for all the callbacks. M got called back for a role and I think she has a good chance of getting it. I may be just a little prejudiced.

On Wednesday, we all get together to call the people who are actually cast in the shows. Then there's a break (a short one) before rehearsals begin. Wheeeee, what a summer this is going to be!
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After a grueling week of rehearsals the show is over. We had a blast and the audience did too. My son even said the show was great. So now I'm sitting in my bed relaxing from the rush and resting my poor voice. I've had a terrible cold all week but the show must go on so I talked very little yesterday and today. My voice made it through the show. It's a little sad because most of us won't see each other until next summer.

I told the director that on Thursday I was saying I wouldn't do this again next year. He laughed and said 'of course you will.' You know what, he's right. I love performing with this company, aww hell, I love performing. So in March I'll be putting together my audition song for another summer season of theater. And come next November I'll still be up on that stage dancing and singing my brains out and having an awesome time.

We all just keep coming back. What fun. And now I'm going nite nite.
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So, the day before the big show and I've got a cold. I can barely talk, let alone sing. The prescription today is liquids and voice rest for me (at least we don't have rehearsal tonight). It's been a huge amount of work getting ready for this show; a fundraiser for ACLO. We do this every year and it's always fun but boy are we all glad when the show is over. A little sad too, because this is when we say goodbye til next summer.

I'm in a small group singing Hushabye Mountain, which is why I'm so worried about my voice. Usually, I'm in the ensemble only and if my voice is a little screwy I can at least still hold my part. But I'm miked in the first three numbers. Oh, help.

I've just started Robert Vaughn's autobiography. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done. I haven't read a biography or autobiography in a really long time. I prefer mysteries and thrillers.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go an make some tea and crawl back into bed. : (

Hell Week

Oct. 26th, 2008 11:27 pm
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Tech week, aka. hell week, has officially begun. Rehearsal from 2pm til 10:30pm today. We ran the entire show twice. It's going to be a great show and since we move into the theater tomorrow the ensemble won't have to fight for space with the dancers. Not a fight really but it can be a little unnerving to turn around and find a dancer two inches from you. "Hi there!" Having so much fun and I know we'll all be sad when the show is actually over next Saturday. It means most of us won't see each other til next spring.

Well, it's late and I'm pooped so I'm off to bed.


Oct. 14th, 2008 11:46 am
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Had rehearsal on Sunday for Broadway's Greatest Moments (don't remember which number this is). Now I have muscles complaining that I had forgotten I had. Dancing Queen! We're doing a medley from Mama Mia and the big number is Dancing Queen. Now my body is telling me that I'm not twenty anymore. Hmmm, would I really want to be twenty again? Nah. I'm having way too much fun now. Aches and pains and all.

Concert tonight and Handel's Fiireworks is still kicking my butt. Well, I'll just have to do the best I can with it. Oh yeah, I have rehearsal after the concert. Whee, I'm so busy my poor house is a disaster area.

I want to get Robert Vaughn's book. It's at Borders and my son works there. He says it's in a box that they haven't unpacked yet. And he won't go find it. : ( Gee, I thought he liked his old mom. Actually he does and I'm sure he'll let me know as soon as he finds it. He may even put a copy aside just for me. Don't have time to go to the mall until tomorrow anyway.

I'm thinking about taking some classes at a nearby junior college. M says, why not go for the PhD. It's just a six year program. Only problem with that is that I may not be able to teach at the high school level and I love working with that age group. I don't want to educate myself out of a  job. Well, we'll see. I'll think about it some more. I really just want to do a masters in microbiology but all the schools around here only offer the PhD programs.

Well, enough rambling from me. I really do have to try and find my dining room.

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Forever Plaid opened tonight. No costume mishaps and the guys were great. 

Now I get to relax. Until tomorrow's matinee, but I'll take a book and hang out in the green room. 

Hell Week

Aug. 6th, 2008 11:14 pm
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I kind of thought Hell Week as a costumer would be easier than as an actor. Well, guess again. So tonight full costumes. The cumberbunds are rolling and look sloppy, one of the guys' shoes fell apart, sleeves need to be taken down and the director would still like red suspenders. I'm dead on my feet and this was supposed to be an easy show to costume. How do I get myself into these things? Oh well, the guys are adoreable and the show is cute. I'll fix the costume issues tomorrow and Friday and we open on Saturday. Whew. 

Ahh, sleep. Sunday night, can't wait. : D 
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A couple of years ago I was lucky to be cast in my favorite show, Jesus Christ Superstar. If this link works here's Gethsemane by our "Jesus." The first time I heard him sing this I was not the only one crying. This guy is awesome.


Let me know if this works.  If it does, I may try this again. Nothing to do with MFU but we were just remembering what an awesome show and cast this was.

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 Well, I've been to my first production meeting ever. I'm costuming "Forever Plaid" this summer. Couldn't have picked an easier show for the first time (I'm usually on stage). Four tuxes, four plaid jackets and plaid accessories. Can't wait. This is going to be a blast. Weee...I get to go looking for costume stuff this weekend. Have to find plaid fabric for sashes the guys wear in one of the scenes. I really need to find out what this play is about too.

OMG what is with the weather here. It was over 100 degrees in the East Bay today. That's crazy! This is supposed to be a temperate area. I came back to CA from AZ to get away from this kind of heat. I hope this doesn't last much longer. M didn't drink enough water yesterday and ended up getting sick. She's better now, but I'm very worried about her in this heat.

We're doing a summer reading program at work. Teachers are encouraged to read to encourage the kids. Good thing I like to read. I signed up for 25 books because I average about 2 or 3 a week.

Oh yeah, Happy Pride Month! :-)


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