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So, while not much is happening on the legal front with my partner vs the diocese. Things are going well for us in general. We're both working at a tutoring center and she has been made Head Teacher. Very cool. She may even become Director of Education if we get enough students.That would be awesome. We plan to complete our credential work this semester (basically the classes that clear the credential; everything else is done). Oh yeah, the boss is deciding whether or not we'll be open next Tuesday. Some of the teachers have asked for it off so she may close the center that day.

No band this quarter, sigh. We decided to save the money this quarter so we can do the spring quarter. It will give both of us some time to meet with our respective instrument teachers. Lord knows I need the lessons! Of course I think finding time to practice will help too.

I watched "Broken Bird" on NCIS tonight. No spoilers. It was a good episode, a little disturbing but very interesting. I really like the show, but I wonder if the actors might be getting tired after all these years. Even Grissom is leaving CSI and I've watched that one much longer than NCIS. We shall see.

My current MFU story over on mfuwss is in a bit of a slump. Before the people who are reading panic: yes I'm going to finish it. I'm just having  a little difficulty getting to my ending. I know what's going to happen, just not how. Sometimes this whole writing thing is difficult. I haven't posted the story here. If any of my friends who don't normally visit mfuwss want to read the story, let me know and I'll put it in my journal too.

I'm going to be producing "Ragtime" this summer and costuming "Annie." Costuming I've done before, but I've never been a producer (hey, I think there's a song in there). I'm looking forward to this summer season. Will probably also be in "Ragtime" so that will be fun. I haven't been in a musical for a couple of years. It'll be nice to get back on stage. And it's a singing show, not a dancing show. Did I mention I don't dance anymore?

Well, it's getting late. I don't seem to write many posts, but then my real life is pretty ordinary. That's a good thing.


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Just hanging out at home. Been cleaning all weekend and will continue this week. It's the annual get the house clean before the New Year.

My partner, who was put on administrative leave has been fired. Thank God for wonderful friends. We're having Thanksgiving at a friends house. Good thing too, since the oven croaked yesterday.

Swiped this from Sithdragon. Thought it would be fun. Gee, I've spent a lot of time on the west coast.

Oops, forgot Washington. I lived in Bremerton for a little bit.
Create your own visited map of The United States

That's all for now.



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