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My petition to waive basic biology has finally been granted. So I'm now enrolled in the DNA PCR class. Unfortunately, the Immunology class I want to take is still saying that I need to take the basic bio class. Now one would think this should be a simple phone call solution, right? Wrong! The dean's secretary left a message on my phone that I could enroll in the DNA course. When I called her back to see why I couldn't enroll in the other class I got her voice mail.  Of course I left a message. And didn't receive a return call. Went down to the campus and picked up add slips. I'll go to the first class and see if I can add it. Registering for classes at the university I went to wasn't this complicated. 

Oh, and the biggest issue I have about this whole thing? I filed the petition in the middle of May! It didn't even get looked at until last week and I had to go into that office to find out what had happened to my petition. It was buried in her office, she didn't even know where it was. God save me from CA's community college system. And I'm just trying to get a couple of certificates.


Aug. 3rd, 2010 05:14 pm
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 So with the interwebs finally working again, I'm back. I've really missed everyone and will be catching up on reading and commenting later. Thanks to periwinkle27 for covering for me. I owe her big time.

Joseph opened to standing ovations and we're having way too much fun int the pit. M and I have been asked to audition for both "Big River" and "Titanic." We're going to audition but we do have to do some research on these shows since we know nothing about them.

As soon as I can figure out how, I'll share some pics I did on the scanning electron microscope. It was a fun class, but not enough time on the machine.

It's nice to be back.
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We opened tonight to a standing ovation. Very cool. I've now sung this show through since Wednesday and I will be on voice rest tomorrow so that I can sing the two shows that are left this weekend. I'm singing from the pit and I'm beat. I can't even imagine how the cast is feeling. There are four of us singing in the pit with the orchestra. It's all the fun of doing the show without having to learn choreography or deal with costumes and makeup but I do miss being on the stage.

I'm auditioning in November for a show called "Big River." Should be interesting. There are only a few women's parts because the show is about Huckleberry Finn. Hope I get in. I really need to find some shows to do now that ACLO is gone. Well, off I go to get some rest. We're going to a wedding tomorrow and then off to the theater. What a weekend!

The Verdict

Jul. 8th, 2010 11:23 pm
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Well, overall Oakland is still in one piece. I'm very disappointed with the verdict in the Meserle case. Involuntary manslaughter, amazing. I feel so bad for the family of Oscar Grant.

Luckily there hasn't been too much damage and the protests were overall peaceful. Right now the police are arresting people who refuse to leave the downtown area.

I know that this will result in a rash of Oakland bashing. Now, we've not lived here for very long and we don't live in what is considered to be a great area and lots of people in the Bay Area think that Oakland should just be dumped off the face of the planet. In general, I'm very comfortable walking around my neighborhood which in primarily African American and Mexican. Not too many white people around here. We have a quiet group of streets where we just look out for each other. M and I are the block captains for the neighborhood watch (by default, we kept being the only one's on our street who showed up to the meetings). We have very nice neighbors and a lot of retired people around.

In other news, I'm playing flute for Mass this weekend. I'm so nervous, but I think everything will be okay. Of course it's making me practice a lot more. My teacher would be so proud.

We start "Joseph" rehearsals on Sunday...Yay, can't wait! Okay, enough babbling for now.
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So I'm taking a scanning electron microscopy course this summer that's pretty interesting. Something I can add to my resume. It's time to register for the fall and can you believe it? I have to go and see the counselor again. Apparently my degree in biology is not enough to waive their baby bio class. Okay, easy A, not a problem. I signed up for the class, as well as a class in DNA techniques. What does the computer say. Can't sign up for the DNA class because I don't have the baby bio class finished. S*%T! I now have to go and see the counselor so I can take these classes concurrently. Jeez, you'd think I wanted to take a course in brain surgery! I do not have time to take one class a semester! I had given thought to taking enough courses to get all four certifications they offer (most of the courses overlap anyway) but now I'm not so sure. I could lose my mind. And I still need to get calculus into this madness in order to go for my masters. : p

In happier news, M has been picked up permanently at the company she's been temping for. She likes the job and the people and I'm really glad to see her so happy. She will be something like General Operations Manager in the next couple of months. And the owner said that he would defiantly pay 40K and may go up to 60K because she turned down a position with another crazy person who was going to pay 60. I (with the help of a couple of friends) managed to convince her not to make the move back to working for someone who was nuts. She's had enough of that in the last few years. The owner of the company where she is now really seems to appreciate what she can do and the stress level in our house has diminished considerably. 

The kitties are doing great. Our newest baby, Illya, just has the market cornered on cute. I'll have to get some more pictures to put up here. His bowl in now in the kitchen with the big kitties and he's very happy. Of course, we still have the problem of keeping him from eating the grown up food and the others from eating the baby food. Overall, everyone is getting along just fine.

I heard the word marriage out of my son's mouth last night. What a shock. He's got the sweetest girlfriend. Luckily both of them know they need to be better able to take care of themselves before they set a date. Glad something we taught him sunk in! Well, that's all the news that's fit to print in my household.
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I've just had my first class in Scanning Electron Microscopy. I think it's going to be a fun class; the last four weeks are all lab. That's what I'm waiting for. And it's not a class filled with kids. Easy A though. I'm looking into taking the GRE and the Biology subject GRE because the schools that have the master's I want all require it. Yuck! I really don't test well.

My doctor canceled my appointment today. Not very helpful since I've basically been in pain for two weeks and am now out of pain meds. Ibuprofen just really doesn't touch the pain when it's that bad. I wanted to talk to the doc because the pain is totally out of control and I'm not a happy puppy. And I have a pretty high threshold for pain.

M has a full time temp position for the next couple of weeks that may turn into permanent. Here's hoping. She says she can do this for a couple of years while she gets her masters. We'll see.

On the kitty front...Joy and Peek a Boo are tolerating the kitten very well. Punkin, on the other hand, is being a total jerk. I know he'll settle down, but right now he can't stand the kitten. Oh well. Next trick is to figure out how to keep the kitten out of the big guy's food. He likes it, but it doesn't like him and makes him throw up. At least he throws up in the litter box. What a sweet little guy. Right now we just  take him away from the grown up food and put him near his.

That's all for now.
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Well, I've done it. I've signed up for a course in scanning electron microscope this summer. My hope is that I can find a job tutoring SAT or ACT in the evenings and take the next year to hone my lab skills again so that I can find a job in lab sciences. Then I'll decide if I want to do a masters. I can't believe I'm going back to school. Still haven't heard from them about the Basic Bio class that's a requirement for their Biotech program. The counselor I spoke with said that ten years may be too long ago to waive that class. If so, I guess I'll have an easy A. I've read the description of the class...I've taught the class. ><  Well, we'll see.

On the job front, still no luck. Apparently California is not bouncing back as fast as the rest of the country. Big surprise there. (note the sarcasm) The Governator just totally broke the state. I hope whoever gets into the office next can fix it but I've not been very impressed by the people running so far. We considered moving out of state a few years ago, but everywhere we thought of snows in the winter so here we stay. Even though we've had the longest winter in history.

Off to bed now.


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:42 am
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So, I wake up this morning to find that my e-mail has been hacked and people are getting e-mails to enlarge their penis size. REALLY???? I'm not the only one of my friends that's had this problem and now I know why it's so annoying. Some folks get really mad at you. As though I would ever send spam to my friends! Good grief! I really wonder just what the hackers get out of this. Do they really think people will just click on an unidentified link? I think I've got the problem fixed now...I hope. If any of you got one of these e-mails, I'm really sorry.

The End

May. 1st, 2010 10:38 am
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Well, it's over. On Thursday the tutoring center M and I have been working at closed it's doors. So off we go, job hunting. Bleeech. M is looking to going back into student services. She did that while she finished her degree and really liked it. I'm going to give laboratory science a try. California is just ridiculous with regards to the teaching profession. For the last ten years I haven't minded jumping through the hoops, but as I have seen some teachers who shouldn't be in the classroom anymore protected by tenure and some really good teachers lose their jobs, I'm afraid I'm leaving education. Sad thing is that I love teaching, but the hoops don't guarantee a great teacher in each classroom. The newest thing is that districts are now giving preference to teachers with master's degrees. What a pain!

On a happier note, I may be able to keep some of my single subject students. I'll charge less than the center. I'm in touch with some of them on Facebook. I'll probably put a notice on Craig's List as a math/science tutor. Then I can still teach. Yay! Even better, M has an interview at UC Berkeley this week. Apparently, it's really difficult to get an interview if you are not already working there. We're hopeful, and it's what she wants to do. Fingers and toes crossed.

All in all, we've always been okay in the past so I have no doubt we'll be okay now too. I get that when God closes a door he opens a window, but really...I'm getting a little old to keep climbing through windows.

Whoo Hoo

Apr. 19th, 2010 10:11 pm
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It's official! I'm going to be published in Kuryakin Files #29. I hadn't said anything before because I didn't want to jinx it. I can't wait to see the zine! And I'm in really good author company: Linda Cornett, spikesgirl58 (wow, and she writes way more than I do). I am so excited, I can't even think of anything else to say. 


Jul. 31st, 2009 01:04 pm
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Just for fun, here's the trailer for our last show of the season. Hair. See if this brings back memories. :)


I can't begin to tell you how long it took us to get the spinny shot at the end. If you're in CA in September, try to see the show.
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We closed "Ragtime" yesterday. Seven shows, seven standing ovations. Wow. I can't remember a time when a show has been that well received. Don't know if I mentioned this but, our 'Sarah' was asked to audition in L.A. for the Broadway revival of the show. We're all waiting to hear if she got the part. Then we all have to figure out how to go to New York to see her. She was incredible. Actually, the entire cast was incredible.

Tech for "Annie" starts next week and I wardrobe supervisor. Luckily that's a fairly easy job. I just have to be in the theater during the show to fix any costume mishaps that occur.

After Annie we go on to Hair which opens in September. For this one I'm producer, wardrobe mistress and pit singer. It seems that our Executive Artistic Director felt we did such a great job producing Ragtime, he asked us to produce Hair. Should be a little easier, it's a much smaller cast.

Whew...I sure hope I can actually get cast in a show next year. I'm afraid that said artistic director has decided that I do so well behind the scenes that he won't cast me in anything. I'm dying to know what next year's shows are.

Did I mention, this is all done for fun???
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If not, I'm mentioning it now. We went out after the show last night with some of the folks from the orchestra. Mind you, Ragtime is a three hour show. Dinner was great, except the entire cast went to the same restaurant and we finally got seated about midnight. After dinner it was home to bed. Fell asleep about 2:30, 3:00 (am, that is) and got up at 6:30 am. M had to work and I had to go and do producer stuff for Hair. We filmed part of the trailer. Note I said part. Our artistic director is absolutely awesome. He has great vision. Unfortunately, he doesn't always remember that we don't have the technology to do what he wants the way he wants it.  Anyway, I finally came home. It's 3 in the afternoon. And we have a show tonight. I've already told M, I don't care what cast members want to do, I'm coming home and going to bed. So There.

I live for this summer season, every year and love every minute of it. Hmmm, wonder what shows we'll get next year. :D
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It's 1:30 in the morning and I beat. Wow, a standing ovation on opening night. I don't think we've ever had a standing ovation on opening night. Everyone sounded awesome. Now let's hope I can get to sleep. There's a matinee tomorrow.

Thanks for all your good wishes. M's solo was awesome. She really surprised everyone. We're usually in chorus so most people don't realize that either of us can really sing. Of course we wouldn't get  cast if we couldn't sing. Okay, now I'm babbling. Time to sleep.



Jul. 11th, 2009 05:37 pm
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It's finally here! IT"S OPENING NIGHT!!! M is nervous, she's never had a whole song in a show before. I'm nervous, it feels like we need more time. It's a gorgeous show and the cast is incredible. Go ACLO! Go RAGTIME!

I'll let you know how it goes.
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We move into the theater next week. Wheeee. Here are trailers for two of the shows I'm involved in this summer. The first, "Ragtime," I was asked to sing in the pit. Vocal enhancement. The second, "Annie," I'm wardrobe mistress for. The guy who shot these did a really good job and they will be played on some of the cable channels in the area.


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We did a good concert this evening. Then we went to the local Tiki Bar for blue drinks. The blue drinks are really good. Now it's after midnight and I need to get to bed. Morning comes early. I'm not as young as I once was; I used to be able to drink a lot more and not have it really have too much effect. Well, now two's my limit and that may be pushing it. I can't seem to make my fingers do what I want them to do. And my darn cat keeps climbing on me. I guess I'd better give her some love before she thinks I don't like her anymore.

No more typing for me. The backspace key is getting a workout tonight.

For Real?

May. 27th, 2009 12:37 am
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So the supreme court in California upheld prop 8. I'm just disturbed. In what is supposed to be the most liberal state in the country the voters decided to deny rights to a group of people and the Supreme Court said that's okay.

Iowa allows gays and lesbians to marry for crying out loud. Really, Iowa!

It's a sad day for California. But as a consolation the Court did say that the 18,000 that were married before prop 8 passed will be allowed to stay married. How kind. 

Wonder how long it will take for the voters to decide to take rights away from other groups they don't like.
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We got back from Disneyland on Thursday. The weather in So. CA had been sunny and warm. Not too hot, with a nice breeze the whole time. Haven't figured out how to post pics yet but there are some in my scrapbook. So what happened to the nice weather when we got home? It has been freezing cold since we got home. Brrrrrr. We even turned the heat back on.

On Saturday we spent the day at the theater doing the promo video and photos for the season. No heat. The theater was an icebox. The video and photos should be really good though.

Back to work tomorrow. No more vacation. It was lots of fun though. Can't wait for next year.


Apr. 21st, 2009 10:50 pm
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Well, auditions are over. Callbacks are over. I didn't get called back for the part I wanted, didn't even make ensemble. I was offered pit (which means I sing all of the music in the show from the orchestra pit. Initially I said 'no.' After a couple of days to cool off, I was really pissed. I went and told the director that I would sing in the pit. After all, this way all I have to do is learn music. No costumes, no blocking, no dancing. And, frankly, it takes too much energy to stay mad at people I've been friends with for almost 10 years.


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