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 This is the best news I've had in a long time. Now, I know that the fight isn't over yet. I've already read that some groups have their appeals all ready to go to higher level courts. Of course, we're just saying we're engaged right now. Have to do some research to figure out whether or not we can get married or have to wait till all the appeals are heard. For now though, it's a happy time.  

Okay, for those of you who don't live in California or in the US, Prop 8 was the proposition on the ballot in 2008 that amended the state constitution to only recognize marriage by opposite sex couples. The California Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples could marry the year before after the mayor of San Francisco started allowing couples in SF city and county to marry. Now a federal judge has ruled that prop 8 is unconstitutional (like we didn't know that already). 

So, why does this matter so much? After all, we've been together almost 17 years and are basically as married as any straight couple we know. It has to do with simple rights. In California, where we can register as domestic partners ( that's always had a kind of creepy sound to it), we still don't have the same rights as a straight couple. A straight couple who never marry and are together for many years are considered common law married with all the rights of any married couple. See what I mean? After 17 years, we are still not considered married and don't have those rights. Now we can. 

Yep, we're gonna get married. Not sure when yet, but we're going to do it. The last time we waited, they passed prop 8. Don't think we want to take that chance again. 

Real Life

Jun. 1st, 2010 10:49 pm
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Ahhhh, home at last, with a glass of wine and grateful to still be alive. We were coming home from band rehearsal (a bad final rehearsal means a great show, right?) when a semi tried to run us off the road. Now M is an excellent driver. As we're merging onto the freeway the semi sped up. There's a retaining wall on the right side of the car and the trailer of the truck coming at the left. Luckily no damage to either us or the car, just our nerves but it was really scary.

We're both still unemployed. I've discovered that I don't have the experience to do anything but teach, so out go the resumes and we'll see what happens. M is sending out at least five a day. The UC Berkeley one didn't pan out, but there are other positions that she is qualified for, so we're hopeful.

Alameda Civic Light Opera is no more. It's really very sad. We've performed with this company for ten years. On the upside though, we're pit singing for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Livermore. That's going to be fun. Then we'll decide where to audition next.

Memorial Day was great fun. We had a houseful of people for a barbecue. Our son had some of his friends over and we had some friends over. Everyone played Rock Band, I suck at it unless I'm singing a song I know. The kids had great fun watching the older adults playing. You would have thought we were ready for a road tour the way we cheered when we got a high score.

Well, I have MFU stories to read and I really need to try to do some writing. After I look and see which schools are hiring for next year. I do know that one of the high schools I interviewed for a couple of years ago. They're looking for a new biology teacher. Wish us luck.
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As a general rule, I'm a fairly optimistic person. I'm losing my optimism. Faculty meeting tonight. The big news? We may have to close the center, complete with the executive director in tears. It wasn't like most of us didn't already suspect. No one has hours, except me because I teach SAT prep and have some single subject students. So in about two or three weeks both me and M may well be unemployed. Just once I'd like something to go right. So M is frantically looking for a job and I really have no skills, except teaching. I'm too expensive for the Diocese to hire me as a high school teacher and the latest is that the public schools want master's degrees. 

I had hoped that we'd actually be open through the summer so I could take some classes to regain my lab skills. Yep, have to go back to school in order to get a job. If I can't teach I want to be in the science field. So off I go!

Just to cheer me up and remind myself that I produced and raised an incredibly kind and talented son I'm posting this vid here. It's just a clip of something my son and a friend did. My son did all the editing. We've got to get this kid in school. My son is the long haired 'hippy' you will see frolicking. His friend is the narrator.

Hippy Trailer
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Two weeks off before the next set of band rehearsals starts up again. The concert went well. I got to hear a bit of what was recorded and wow we really sounded good. Haven't posted M's Christmas piece yet because we haven't gotten the cd. Now there will be two to put up. The music for this concert was probably the most challenging this band has ever played but it was really awesome music. Only one march and that wasn't by Sousa. Now I can go back to practicing scales and technique for a couple of weeks. That will seem easy after this.

Least favorite pieces on this concert...actually none but was it really necessary to write things in five flats?!? Really???? Guess what I spent lots of time doing this past 10 weeks. Playing the Db major scale. Did I mention five flats?? I thought M's A# in the Christmas piece was over the top.

Okay, here's the actual story. I decided I wanted to play the flute five years ago. Never played before but I do play recorder, guitar, and I'm a singer. I've always wanted to play the flute. Couldn't play much of anything that first year with the band. Why did I join the band as a beginner you ask? Because I'm basically lazy and if I don't have a reason I won't practice. (You get the picture) Anyway, the first chair flute player is also a teacher so I got a teacher really quickly. So I've actually come a really long way in five years. Luckily, the director of the band is very kind and didn't throw me out because I couldn't really play. What I could play had good tone and was in the right key, so I guess it worked out. Now I just need to work on my nerves. At the end of most concerts my shoulders hurt and my back aches. Yep, I think I tense up the muscles when I play in public.

Well, I hadn't really meant to ramble about my musical life but I got a little carried away. I just wanted to say we had a great concert. M and I have spent way to much time on stage. She played this concert sick as a dog, poor baby. But she was wonderful too. : )
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Very productive flute lesson today. Didn't play much but fixed some issues with some of the pieces we're playing for the next concert. Apparently my stubbornness is a plus to my playing the instrument. I started in this community band five years ago having just taken up the flute. I did play recorder and guitar and I do have a degree in music. That first semester the director was very patient  and let me be in the group even though I couldn't play much of anything. My flute teacher is the first chair, got her as a teacher after just a couple of weeks in the band. She's been great. Five years later, we are playing the most difficult concert music I've ever seen and low and behold, I can actually play most of it.

The lesson dealt with some scale runs that change key with each run. We determined what key each was in and no more problem. Second major problem was playing between high E and F on really fast notes. The fingerings are not conducive for the speed of the notes. Learned the trill fingering for the notes and now I can play that section too. My teacher is the one who said that my stubbornness is my greatest plus. It has allowed me to play music that most folks couldn't play at my level. Whee!!! I'm am so psyched. I intend to play every note of the next concert.

In other news, I've reconnected with an old friend that I had lost track of about 5 or 6 years ago. It's been really nice catching up with him (he was at one point in my life the love of my life). We've been friends for more than 30 years. I can only say that about one other person. My sweetie thinks he's a male chauvinist pig, and he probably is, but still, I'm very fond of him. We're hoping to get together soon for a visit. He was telling me about how his daughters turned out. All I have to say is thank God for my son. I couldn't wish for better.

Off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow.
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Damn it, I have a cold! Sore throat, stuffy head, aches...I was kind of hoping that with two different flu shots this season no self respecting germ would come near me.  No such luck! And I finally got two days off in a row, and haven't the energy to do a darn thing. :P Didn't even go to band rehearsal last night. I really wish parents would keep their kids home when they're sick. A couple of my SAT students have been hacking and sneezing for the last week or so. Guess where I got a cold.

Of course this means that Joy (little black kitty) is driving me nuts. Constantly sitting near me and staring or climbing up to be held. She's so cute. Who says animals have no emotions? Never met one that didn't. The two boys are just being their usual laid back selves. Although, Peek-a-Boo (our gray tabby) has begun to learn naughty since we moved into the house. Last night he got squirted with water for scratching on the furniture. Hope I haven't scarred him for life.

Oh great, just tried to talk...I think I'm losing my voice. Supposed to sing on Sunday; this is not what I need. And I have four loads of laundry staring at me and I don't really feel like doing them. I hate having a cold. Not really sick enough to stay in bed, but not really well enough to feel like doing anything else. Well, enough whining. I'm off to make some tea and see if that helps my throat. Can you believe it, the two types of tea that I like best when I have a sore throat, I developed allergies to. Can't drink echinacea or orange spice anymore. Actually, I've know that for years but they were my faves in college for a sore throat, especially if I had to sing.  Well, off I go to try and be productive. At least a little. : )
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I have an unusual Wednesday off. So I've cleaned up the living room (we're having our first house guest for the weekend), guest room is all set up, and I'm watching MFU dvd's. Oh yeah, short stories are posted and the newsletter is done. Gee, I guess I have done a bit today.

My Sweety is not having fun at work anymore and now the boss is saying that she may have to go back to hourly because boss can't afford to keep her on salary. Not like she pays for benefits or anything. Boss doesn't get that folks just don't have the money to plop down thousands of dollars for a tutoring program regardless of how good we are. Resumes at the ready, again. : P
Actually, I'm considering going to school to refresh my laboratory skills and going into lab work. Education just doesn't pay enough to survive which is really sad because I love to teach. Unfortunately, I can't get a job teaching science and now the public schools are giving priority to teachers with masters degrees.

On the performance front, it looks like ACLO (the theater company I've been with for the last 10 years) is going to be no more. It's really sad because it's such a great company. The board says it's not closing but they're having a 'fundraiser' in which they're selling everything. So things don't bode well for the company.

Band is going well. Sometimes, I'm really amazed at how much I can play after only five years with the instrument. The next concert is at the end of March and believe it or not, I like all the music we're doing. It is the hardest music I've ever done and I have to really practice between now and then to be able to play it. Wow, lots of work. Oh and I still take lessons for which I have to practice. I'm slowly building up to an hour a day again. I got out of the habit when we were moving.

I'm rewriting one of my stories, hopefully for publication in a zine. Whee! That would be so cool and I'm really excited about the possibility. Well, I guess I'd better get back to it. I know there's a deadline for submission and I'm sure it's coming relatively soon. Off to write some more.

Just Stuff

Jan. 20th, 2010 07:26 pm
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So I went online to register for a couple of classes at a local community college. Thought I would hone my laboratory skills and learn some new ones. When I hit SUBMIT I got a red note back that said you haven't enrolled in the prerequisite courses yet. This is a biotech program. I have a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. What prerequisites???? I'm going to have to go down to their counseling center and show them my diploma and transcripts I guess.

It looks like the theater company I've been involved with for the last ten years is going to be no more. : ( They're having a huge sale to raise funds and no season has been announced for this year yet. I'm very sad. I guess I'm going to have to branch out and try other theater companies.

Our new house is wonderful. We've now been in the place for two months and the wonderfulness hasn't worn off. There's space and I even have places for my books. And we have a kitchen that more than one person will fit in at a time. My sweetie and I can both be working in the kitchen at the same time. That's exciting.

Okay, I know California has a drought going on. We're conserving water and all that, but do we have to try to cure the drought in two days. I really like the rain. I just want a little break now and then.

Enough of my rambling. I have stories to work on. Peace all.
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Tuesday evening saw the premier performance of "Christmas Day" by Gustov Holst, arranged for concert band by none other than my sweetie, M. She was completely stressed out and hoping right up to the last minute the the director would drop the piece. He didn't and we played it in all its glory, gliches and all. And it was actually really good. Sounded really great in the theater. The director made her stand up at the end of the piece and even the band applauded. I'm so proud of her. This was the first piece of music she has ever arranged for concert band, she usually writes for voices, and childrens voices at that. Now, a year to tweak the piece some more, some people are never satisfied, and she'll give the revised piece back to the band director again and we may play it again. We really need to find out how to get music published.
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Is finally over! Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] periwinkle27 for taking short stories and newsletter this weekend as I had no internet access. I have access at work but won't have any at home till Friday. Who knew you needed written permission from the owner of a house to wire for cable????

House?? Yep, we've moved. All by our lonesomes and with a lot of help from very dear friends. We have a house, and it's awesome. Three bedrooms, two baths, and loads of space. The son is very happy with his new room and the moms' are happy with their new room too. Oh yeah, the kitties are happy too.

Interesting thing about the kitties...Peek-a-Boo, our older guy, who was always afraid of everything, is out strutting around the house like he owns the place. The move was very stressful for all three of them and they're still a little jumpy, but settling in nicely.

Oh yeah, we're having company for Thanksgiving. Luckily, these are two of the folks who were so helpful during the move so they'll understand that the house is not completely in order.

If you get comments on posts you put up in the last two or three weeks, don't be surprised. It's just me catching up. I've got so much reading to do. I've given up on nanowrimo for this year. I'll try again next year when I'm not moving (what was I thinking?).

Next tasks? Unpack and find my socks and other unmentionables -- yeah, it didn't occur to me to pack a suitcase with necessities. Rest and get to work on my Down the Chimney Story. No pressure here folks. And, did I mention...I have a concert next week.

I'll really work on getting some photos up here of the house and the kitties (especially for [livejournal.com profile] georgiesmith 'cause she's always asked to see my babies). I just need to figure out how to do it.

And life goes on.

Stole the icon from my son. Thought it was a riot.

Good Grief!

Nov. 4th, 2009 01:13 pm
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So, went to the doctor today for a follow-up with my diabetes. Blood sugar's in great shape. On the other hand my face is a mess. One eye lid is red and puffy, my face is broken out (there's not enough make up in the world!). Diagnosis: allergies.

I've been using Mary Kay moisturizer with sunscreen. I'm super fair skinned so I need sunscreen. I'm allergic to the moisturizer. Back to Oil of Olay. My eye is probably a combination of the Mary Kay and hand sanitizer with fragrance. I didn't look at the ingredients; I work with kids, hand sanitizer is a must.

Doctor recommended a patch test for anything new I decide to try on my skin. Oh and I have rosacea, but I actually knew that. So, armed with an antibiotic and something to help me sleep properly (different issue) and my handy bottle of Oil of Olay I should go back to looking like an adult and not an acne prone teenager.

You know, I had perfect skin as a kid. Getting older sucks!  :-p


Oct. 28th, 2009 03:26 pm
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So, interestingly enough I decided to try this out this year. Of course, it's in November, when I'm moving and driving CrackVan. Oh well, it'll be an interesting month.

We played though M's arrangement of "Christmas Day" last night and I have to say I was very disappointed with some of the band members' attitudes.  The piece is difficult and will require practice. And, of course, it does need a little work. I hope people don't complain so much that the piece gets dropped from the concert.

So, wish me luck with the novel writing thng. It's only 50,000 words so it can't be that hard. Oh yeah, I need to start my Christmas present story too. Whee!
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Okay, I know I'm getting paid to be stitch bitch (aka. wardrobe mistress) for Hair, but I'm not sure $500 is enough to deal with all the whining. One poor girl's costume came completely apart last night, not her fault. It's a really old dress and the stitching is equally old. Okay, no problem, I can just put it back together. Easy job.

The director is very specific about what he wants the different scenes to look like. So why can't folks just wear the costumes put together for them? Why do people have to bitch and whine that they don't like what they're wearing? I've worn ugly costumes too. I will fix any problem that comes up if I can, but if we don't have it we don't have it! Wear what you're given!

Enough griping. The show is going to be awesome. The tribe is really strong and very talented. I saw the show last night. Love the music, don't understand the show.

Ah...the Theater...
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So I didn't get cast in Ragtime. :( I'm over that and I'm am singing the show from the orchestra pit. Now I don't mind being a soprano, really, I don't. In fact, I've always enjoyed it. But for crying out loud. Was it really necessary for the composer of this show to put in so many high A's and B's? I mean really. Almost every chorus song! Wait...not only are there high A's and B's but I have to get on them and hang out for four, six or eight measures! Seriously, after rehearsal this morning my voice was so tired that I just couldn't sing at all this afternoon. But we're having fun.

No rehearsal tomorrow for me, but M has rehearsal. Oh goody, I can do some laundry. I'm not entirely sure what either of us will wear to work this week if I don't get some laundry done.

The only downside to theater all summer is that we never seem to have time to get household stuff done. Oh, and the car looks like we live in it. It's a mess from June through September. Then we clean it out until next year. : D

I think I'll have a MFU marathon while I'm doing laundry tomorrow. Maybe I'll work on the rewrite I'm doing of one of my stories. Or, I could do laundry and just read my classic for the summer. I'm reading Les Miserables. It's really good. Now if the powers that be would just release the show for community theater. That's a show I'd love to do.

My icon is one that I snagged from my son. I doubt that it originally came from any of my friends, but he doesn't remember where he got it. Hope I don't offend anyone cuz I can't credit. That's enough rambling for me for one night.

Peace Out.


May. 5th, 2009 11:03 pm
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So, last year I decided to start reading some of those classics that I never got around to in either high school or college. In high school, when I bothered to go, I was more interested in theater arts than anything else. And in college, I was a music and biology major. Yeah, I know, what a nerd. It was a lot of fun though.

Last summer I read Anna Karinina. My partner, who was an English major by the way, said boring... I loved the book. This summer I've started Les Miserables. Actually, I heard the soundtrack from the show and loved the music, so I decided to find out what was going on. I'm planning to read Crime and Punishment too, as soon as I find the copy I bought last year. : Z

The point of this madness? Why do people either think I'm crazy or are very impressed that I would read these books  without being assigned them in a class.

Here's my answer folks. I like to read! These books are considered classics for a reason. And I hate being told what to read; I failed American Novel in high school for exactly that reason. So don't be impressed, and no I'm not crazy. I just like to sink my brain into something deeper than the mysteries and things I usually read. Besides, if the book really is a snorefest, I won't finish it. ; )
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So, while not much is happening on the legal front with my partner vs the diocese. Things are going well for us in general. We're both working at a tutoring center and she has been made Head Teacher. Very cool. She may even become Director of Education if we get enough students.That would be awesome. We plan to complete our credential work this semester (basically the classes that clear the credential; everything else is done). Oh yeah, the boss is deciding whether or not we'll be open next Tuesday. Some of the teachers have asked for it off so she may close the center that day.

No band this quarter, sigh. We decided to save the money this quarter so we can do the spring quarter. It will give both of us some time to meet with our respective instrument teachers. Lord knows I need the lessons! Of course I think finding time to practice will help too.

I watched "Broken Bird" on NCIS tonight. No spoilers. It was a good episode, a little disturbing but very interesting. I really like the show, but I wonder if the actors might be getting tired after all these years. Even Grissom is leaving CSI and I've watched that one much longer than NCIS. We shall see.

My current MFU story over on mfuwss is in a bit of a slump. Before the people who are reading panic: yes I'm going to finish it. I'm just having  a little difficulty getting to my ending. I know what's going to happen, just not how. Sometimes this whole writing thing is difficult. I haven't posted the story here. If any of my friends who don't normally visit mfuwss want to read the story, let me know and I'll put it in my journal too.

I'm going to be producing "Ragtime" this summer and costuming "Annie." Costuming I've done before, but I've never been a producer (hey, I think there's a song in there). I'm looking forward to this summer season. Will probably also be in "Ragtime" so that will be fun. I haven't been in a musical for a couple of years. It'll be nice to get back on stage. And it's a singing show, not a dancing show. Did I mention I don't dance anymore?

Well, it's getting late. I don't seem to write many posts, but then my real life is pretty ordinary. That's a good thing.


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Only two more to go. Last night was the community band and chorus concert. I'm in the band. I was happy with the whole concert. The chorus was good and the band sounded good. The only thing I just can't manage to play is "Sleigh Ride." It is so fast that by the time I figure out where we are it's over. Not really, I can read the music and sing it I just can't play that fast. Maybe one day. I've only been playing for four years.

Now we have only the Christmas tree lighting on Saturday and the Basilica Choir concert on the 14th. Oh yeah, well, midnight mass and 10:30 on Christmas day but I don't consider those performances really. They're prayer and part of the mass.

Haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet and still need to write my DTC story. Wow, life just rolls along. Poor M took a fall this afternoon so she's very sore. Luckily I was right there to help her up. We believe that we are the only people our ages who still run around with skinned knees.  : D  That's all for now.

It's Done

Nov. 30th, 2008 07:05 pm
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First, thanks to St. Crispins for the wonderful Christmas icon.

Well, it's over. We spent 2 hours in M's former classroom packing up 10 years of teaching resources. We're completely exhausted and sore but she's feeling much better now that her stuff is out of the building and at home. Still don't know what's going to happen with the attorney. He doesn't think there's a case since it's a Catholic school but M says this is a hill she's willing to die on. (figuratively speaking, of course) So now we wait and see. She sent an e-mail to the human rights commission. The principal who fired her is now telling the diocesan attorney outright lies about M. She seems determined to ruin M's career as a teacher.

We're determined to have a nice holiday season in spite of what's going on. Woohoo, it's Christmas time! We always play Christmas music right after the Macy's parade and this year was no different. Had a great Thanksgiving with friends. Stayed up way too late, ate too much turkey, and drank too much wine. Spent the next day in a turkey/wine coma.  And a good time was had by all.

Now, I really need to get working on my DTC story. And the next  part of "The Matter of Revenge Affair." Gee, I guess I'm going to be kind of busy in the next couple of weeks. Okay off to my stories. Wish me luck. : P
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So, the day before the big show and I've got a cold. I can barely talk, let alone sing. The prescription today is liquids and voice rest for me (at least we don't have rehearsal tonight). It's been a huge amount of work getting ready for this show; a fundraiser for ACLO. We do this every year and it's always fun but boy are we all glad when the show is over. A little sad too, because this is when we say goodbye til next summer.

I'm in a small group singing Hushabye Mountain, which is why I'm so worried about my voice. Usually, I'm in the ensemble only and if my voice is a little screwy I can at least still hold my part. But I'm miked in the first three numbers. Oh, help.

I've just started Robert Vaughn's autobiography. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done. I haven't read a biography or autobiography in a really long time. I prefer mysteries and thrillers.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go an make some tea and crawl back into bed. : (


Oct. 14th, 2008 11:46 am
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Had rehearsal on Sunday for Broadway's Greatest Moments (don't remember which number this is). Now I have muscles complaining that I had forgotten I had. Dancing Queen! We're doing a medley from Mama Mia and the big number is Dancing Queen. Now my body is telling me that I'm not twenty anymore. Hmmm, would I really want to be twenty again? Nah. I'm having way too much fun now. Aches and pains and all.

Concert tonight and Handel's Fiireworks is still kicking my butt. Well, I'll just have to do the best I can with it. Oh yeah, I have rehearsal after the concert. Whee, I'm so busy my poor house is a disaster area.

I want to get Robert Vaughn's book. It's at Borders and my son works there. He says it's in a box that they haven't unpacked yet. And he won't go find it. : ( Gee, I thought he liked his old mom. Actually he does and I'm sure he'll let me know as soon as he finds it. He may even put a copy aside just for me. Don't have time to go to the mall until tomorrow anyway.

I'm thinking about taking some classes at a nearby junior college. M says, why not go for the PhD. It's just a six year program. Only problem with that is that I may not be able to teach at the high school level and I love working with that age group. I don't want to educate myself out of a  job. Well, we'll see. I'll think about it some more. I really just want to do a masters in microbiology but all the schools around here only offer the PhD programs.

Well, enough rambling from me. I really do have to try and find my dining room.


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