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Okay, I am not the most political person in the world. I research issues and I vote. Mostly because I believe that if you don't, you shouldn't bitch. I watched the last hour or so of the debate last night and if there was any doubt about how I will vote in the presidential election Palin put those doubts to rest. She's a hick! She said the same things over and over again and I never did figure out what she was talking about. And she said nucular. I cannot take another four or eight years of nucular. (The word is nuclear, Republicans!!)

She spoke about No Child Left Behind and my partner and I cringed. Yeah, no child left behind, all teachers left behind. I work with children who have been placed or are going to be placed in special needs classes. Why? Because their teachers can't handle their behavior. None of these children need to be in special ed. No Child Left Behind didn't work folks and throwing more money at it won't help. As a country we need to place the same importance on education that we do on our military. Hmmm, there's a concept.

I was very impressed with Biden. He's well spoken and seemed to have a good handle on how Obama and he will work together as president and vice president. I really liked that. He didn't keep repeating the same things over and over. I was also impressed with how he put Palin in her place about the single parent thing.

Well, we'll see what happens in November. I swear if McCain wins, I'm going to look for another country to live in. Sorry folks, I thought the man was an idiot in Arizona and I still think he's an idiot.
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  Okay, so here we go again. The Supreme Court has said they won't stay their decision on gay marriage, yay. But, on the other hand, opponents have managed to get enough signatures to put an amendment to the constitution on the ballot in November. Don't people have better things to do? For crying out loud, except for a few friends, most of the people I know who got married are now divorced!  Fifteen years folks, legal or not we're not going anywhere.

I really resent being told that my relationship is harming the fabric of society and poses a threat to straight marriage. Ummm, if your marriage works, yay. Our best friends are two straight couples who have been married for more than 25 years each. We don't seem to be a threat to them. 

And then there's the whole issue of gays raising kids. Well, we've raised a perfectly normal, straight 22 year old young man who is by far one of the most Christian human beings I've had the privilege to know. His dad is in the picture, and always has been, but they rarely see each other now that he doesn't have to visit. He really likes his dad's girlfriend though and says he has three moms. : )

Please forgive the rant, I'm just frustrated that in the 21st century, in a country where all are supposed to be equal, some of us still aren't. Oh yeah, people in our country are homeless and starving but let's be sure that gays and lesbians don't get the same rights as straight couples. Good Lord, where are our priorities.

Enough ranting, I feel better now.

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Okay, so a trip to Sacramento with 20 eighth graders was actually fun. The Governer's Mansion was interesting. It's set up for the time the last governer lived there; so around 1967. The capital was cool too. We had really good docents for both places and I'm sure that had a lot to do with the interest of the tours. The kids were great; very attentive and had some really good questions. And my partner was worried that she wasn't a great social studies teacher. We had lunch in Capital Park, talked about the CA Viet Nam memorial for a few minutes and let the kids run off some steam. The Railroad Museum wasn't as big a hit but, I think everyone was tired by that point. Mind you, we walked everywhere.

So today I'm resting. I ache everywhere, so hot soak in the tub and rest for me. At least til this afternoon when I have to go to the Learning Center and take the math and science parts of the ACT so I can teach the ACT classes which will be starting soon. 

I've managed to watch all of the Man from UNCLE dvds and now I'm rewatching my favorites as well as the eps that the yahoo lists are going to be talking about. I don't tend to say much on the lists though. I think it may be that I'm seeing these eps for the first time as an adult with knowledge that I wouldn't have had in the 60's as a kid. So I'm noticing little things like nobody bleeds...a guy has a knife sticking out of his back and there's no blood. I don't guess it ever occured to me that there would be blood in Star Trek. If you're killed with a phaser, you disappear. But, MFU takes place on Earth in the 1960s. If you shoot someone, they're supposed to bleed. Okay, and I know this is because of where they shot the show, but lots of identical places around the world. 

People have said that the third season is the worst. I'm not sure I agree. Some of the stories were really good. I liked "Concrete Overcoat." And the one where Illya is a pool boy was good too, right up till the end. The bomb was totally stupid. I thought it was stupid in the James Bond movie too. The gorilla show I won't even bother to mention. I've seen it once and haven't decided if I want to see it again to look for redeeming qualities. The science part of my brain just can't cope with a dancing gorilla.

Wow, this may be the most I've written on this journal to date. I'm so glad Clinton won in CA. I just don't think Obama has the experience, but I do agree that they would make awesome running mates. Okay, that's my political opinion. And that's about as political as I get. Well, except for maybe the war in Iraq (but that's for another post). For now I think I'll sign off and watch MFU dvds for awhile. Or maybe I'll watch CSI Miami on A&E. I'm kind of getting into Crossing Jordan too. It's an interesting take on a coroner's office. Not as heavy science but really about relationships between people. 

Signing off for real. 


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