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So I've been working on a new story. I think I may have posted part of this before but I don't remember. Anyway, I've put this one on Fanfiction .net because I have such a hard time figuring out where to break the story so it fits on live journal. The story is called The Matter of Revenge Affair and it's a work in progress. I'd love any feedback you'd like to give me since it can only improve my writing.

Without further ado: The Matter of Revenge Affair

Someone wants revenge against Illya and is using his sister to get it.
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So, I actually have two or three stories in the works, not counting the next installment of 'The Dynamo Room.'  I hadn't written fiction of any type in years. Now, I can't get away from the ideas. This story is another in the Anya series. One of these days I'll actually post them in a chronological order, but for now they get posted as they enter my brain. Not betaed so any feedback is very welcome.

Title: A Matter of Revenge Affair
Author: kanders07
Type: general

A thin stream of light shone from a tiny window near the ceiling of the room where two young women lay unconscious. The rest of the room was dark. The woman closed the door with a grim smile and returned to the main part of the old house.

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And here's the rest of it.

Story #2

May. 11th, 2008 12:25 pm
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I've been asked to post this in my journal, so here it is. It's in two parts because it's too long to post in one.
Thanks to periwinkle27, aneuhaus, and kievanrus for all their help betaing this.

Title: The U.N.C.L.E. Training Affair
Author: kanders07
Genre/Pairing: Gen

The three young people sat tied up on the floor of the warehouse cellar. It was dark and damp and no one had come back in since they had been captured at least two hours ago. It was supposed to have been a simple courier run. Nothing should have gone wrong. 



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