Jun. 19th, 2010 12:30 pm
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Thanks to georgiesmith for lightening this photo. It makes a wonderful icon. She also did the one with Illya sleeping.
One of these days I'll learn to make icons for real. Thanks georgie.
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We have a new baby! He's just three months old and cute as can be.

Pics under here...I hope. )

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And now, at long last, My Kitties. Hope this works.

Here's the pics )
Peek a Boo



These guys are so sweet. They love everyone, but are very hard to take photos of. As you can see Joy just knows she's the princess of the world.
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Okay, I'm trying this again. Here goes...
Here's Peekaboo and Punkin

And Joy.

I hope this worked. Otherwise I may have to actually ask for instructions. : )
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So, since everyone shares their kitties, I thought I'd share too. These are our three babies. First is Peekaboo. We adopted him as a feral about 5 years ago. He's about 7 now and has come a  really long way. We hardly ever saw him the first year we had him.  Next is Punkin, he's almost 3 and is our BIG orange guy. We were at the animal shelter and this guy wouldn't let me leave without him. He adores laying by the heater and laying by mom. We'd already chosen a little black kitten named Joy. She's almost 2 and is our little terrorist. She loves to play with anything. In fact, I just had to chase her away from my pencils. The Dot (laser light) is her favorite tho and she'll chase it straight up the wall. So here they are: the kitties that kindly allow us to share their house.

 Here are Peekaboo and Punkin. You can see where Punkin got his name, even his eyes are orange.

 And the queen of the roost...Miss Joy. Everything she owns is pink.
We've been trying to get pics of these guys for ages, but they refused to stay still unless they were asleep. We got lucky today.


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