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  Okay, so here we go again. The Supreme Court has said they won't stay their decision on gay marriage, yay. But, on the other hand, opponents have managed to get enough signatures to put an amendment to the constitution on the ballot in November. Don't people have better things to do? For crying out loud, except for a few friends, most of the people I know who got married are now divorced!  Fifteen years folks, legal or not we're not going anywhere.

I really resent being told that my relationship is harming the fabric of society and poses a threat to straight marriage. Ummm, if your marriage works, yay. Our best friends are two straight couples who have been married for more than 25 years each. We don't seem to be a threat to them. 

And then there's the whole issue of gays raising kids. Well, we've raised a perfectly normal, straight 22 year old young man who is by far one of the most Christian human beings I've had the privilege to know. His dad is in the picture, and always has been, but they rarely see each other now that he doesn't have to visit. He really likes his dad's girlfriend though and says he has three moms. : )

Please forgive the rant, I'm just frustrated that in the 21st century, in a country where all are supposed to be equal, some of us still aren't. Oh yeah, people in our country are homeless and starving but let's be sure that gays and lesbians don't get the same rights as straight couples. Good Lord, where are our priorities.

Enough ranting, I feel better now.



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