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 This is the best news I've had in a long time. Now, I know that the fight isn't over yet. I've already read that some groups have their appeals all ready to go to higher level courts. Of course, we're just saying we're engaged right now. Have to do some research to figure out whether or not we can get married or have to wait till all the appeals are heard. For now though, it's a happy time.  

Okay, for those of you who don't live in California or in the US, Prop 8 was the proposition on the ballot in 2008 that amended the state constitution to only recognize marriage by opposite sex couples. The California Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples could marry the year before after the mayor of San Francisco started allowing couples in SF city and county to marry. Now a federal judge has ruled that prop 8 is unconstitutional (like we didn't know that already). 

So, why does this matter so much? After all, we've been together almost 17 years and are basically as married as any straight couple we know. It has to do with simple rights. In California, where we can register as domestic partners ( that's always had a kind of creepy sound to it), we still don't have the same rights as a straight couple. A straight couple who never marry and are together for many years are considered common law married with all the rights of any married couple. See what I mean? After 17 years, we are still not considered married and don't have those rights. Now we can. 

Yep, we're gonna get married. Not sure when yet, but we're going to do it. The last time we waited, they passed prop 8. Don't think we want to take that chance again. 


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