25 Things to Know About the OTW

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:06 am
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OTW 10th anniversary history

We've been around a while now, so as part of celebrating our 10th anniversary here are 25 things to know about the OTW! https://goo.gl/FuuMWS

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OTW 10th Anniversary Chat

What were some of your early experiences like when your work gained its own fans?

I think my favorite experience is seeing the fan art, and seeing fanfic from my books show up in Yuletide. That’s hugely exciting to see fanfic and fan art of your work, especially to someone who was a fan from way back in the print zine era.

The first time something I’d created showed up as a fandom option for Yuletide, I literally cried. Happy tears! But it was like, HOLY WHAT NO HOW OMG VIXY LOOK AT THIS DO YOU SEE THIS. It’s amazing. It’s still amazing. I can’t read any of the fanfic of my own work, but knowing it exists makes me so happy.

Did you miss our chat with Seanan McGuire & Martha Wells? If so check out the transcript of their talk https://goo.gl/Q3Wu6P
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OTW 10th Anniversary Chat

What things have you been excited to see in recent years, either regarding fandom or work in your genre(s)?

*Catherine R.
I really like fanfiction and its explosion on the internet. I think fanfic is a great way for people to learn the craft skills of writing. Many of my college students fall in love with writing that way: by reading fanfic and then starting to write it themselves. I always encourage them to go for it! I love the supportive structure it creates for imagination and fantasy to run wild. I think that realm is so important. Imagination lets us explore quandaries of desire and justice and truth and conflict: all the central problems of what it means to be human.

*Christina L.
It’s been incredibly exciting to see so many writers from our fandom specifically or fandom in general out there publishing books. Of course we all know the big ones—EL James, Cassie Clare—but there are others from the Twi world that had fantastic voices and ideas and who are now also bestsellers. Sally Thorne, Alice Clayton, Nina Bocci, Leisa Rayven, Mariana Zapata, Amanda Weaver—all of these women wrote fantastic fic.

Did you miss our chat with Christina Lauren & Catherine Roach? If so check out the transcript of their talk! https://goo.gl/8DR1PG

I still can't post on LJ

Sep. 15th, 2017 04:52 pm
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 I haven't been able to post on LJ all day, so I guess I'll just settle in here on DW for awhile.
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Banner by Alice of a book/eReader with an OTW bookmark and a USB plug going into the spine

TWC's issue 25 is out! Essay topics include book history, women's writing, Teen Wolf, World of Warcraft, Sherlock, cosplay, Lego, Harry Potter & more https://goo.gl/dN3m5a
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For some reason I am unable to post on LJ, so...
Here is an article from a place called Television Obscurities in which The Girl from UNCLE is reviewed.  It includes a comment from David McCallum on the series and the reviews at the time it aired.

The Girl from UNCLE @ Television Obscurities

Friends, Russian, countrymen

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:24 am
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Great Episode Challenge. 15-21 September (Prompt 1)


Friends, Russians, countrymen

He ran into him on his way to meet Napoleon, who was waiting in the car down in the garage. The tall Englishman was coming out of the elevator.

“Illya, my old mucker! Good to see you again. You haven’t changed a bit. How are you?”

“Very well, thank you,” Illya replied coolly. “How are you, Mark?”

“Extremely well, and raring to go.” Mark said, and continued, chattily, “I heard you were here, of course. Never would have thought we’d end up on the same side, eh?”

That all-too familiar, breezy bonhomie of the privately-educated English male, speaking in the cut-glass accents of the upper-classes, with their implicit put-down of lesser mortals – or serfs, in his case. His old mucker, indeed. He knew what that odd expression meant now. A place at Cambridge didn’t make you equal, they made sure of that.

“No,” he replied. “It must be strange to find that even Russians take any kind of moral view of the world.”

“I didn’t mean...” said Mark awkwardly, “don’t be like that, Illya … you know how it was at Cambridge… Secret Service recruiters and all that.”

“Yes. I do know.”

Read more... )
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GEC Icon

Don't touch that dial. Posting for The Great Episode Challenge begins today and runs through Thursday, September 21st.

Friends, Russian, countrymen by [livejournal.com profile] hypatia_66 is already available for your reading pleasure.

Need to catch a rerun of the prompts? Click Here.
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As the sun set, red and gold streaking out across the sky, two men, footsore and weary, were tramping up a hill, tripping over tree roots and hillocks in the gathering darkness.

            “Napoleon, I thought you said this was a shortcut?”

            “So did I.  I think we’re lost.”

Illya rolled his eyes.

“Napoleon, if we keep stumbling on in the dark we will get even more lost. Why do we not find somewhere sheltered and wait for the sun to return?”

“What if THRUSH find us?”

            “Even we do not know where we are, how will anyone else find us?”

It's Baaaack... What If?

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:30 am
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We've had our summer to kick back and take a break from such a full schedule of challenges.  That's all over now, we're back on track and the weeks will be crammed with opportunities for writers to show some UNCLE Love.
Today's prompt for What If? goes like this...

What if Mister Waverly was actually a Madame Waverly? How different would the administration of this powerful agency look if under the guidance of a woman.  She will, of course, have the same splendid resume as the man we normally see in the big office, with experiences in wartime as well as ... well, you tell me.
And how does it affect the agents? Does it take so long to have a female agent under the leadership of a woman?
So many angles, so many questions to be answered.
I hope you have some.
Stories post September 28-October 1.  Gen, minimum 500 words.
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A huge man towered over Illya in a threatening manner. The Russian had accidently spilled the man’s drink, and he had taken exception. He had tried smooth things over by offering to replace the drink, but the man was intent on retribution. Unfortunately, he made the mistake many people did when faced with the short, slightly built agent.

The thug was drawing his arm back to punch Illya, when he unexpectedly found himself lying on his back, with a heavily bleeding nose. Illya glared down at him.

“Next time, I suggest you accept the replacement drink when it is offered.”


Five Things Naomi Novik Said

Sep. 13th, 2017 10:31 am
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Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

As part of our Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said series, we have a special anniversary edition with OTW co-founder Naomi Novik. She discusses its evolution during her 10 yrs volunteering for it: https://goo.gl/nJXJrY

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This Week in Fandom, Volume 62

Sep. 12th, 2017 12:45 pm
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This Week in Fandom banner by Olivia Riley

This Week in Fandom: The author of My Immortal and her story, the Not Now I'm Reading podcast talks fanfic and AO3, and more: https://goo.gl/7YLw4h
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This story is intended as a follow-on to my story “A Long Time In Coming”, from my Katiya series.

                                                      THE WIRE
He remembered the wire.

He still dreamed about the wire, almost every night.  Barbed wire fences used to keep in people as well as animals. The animals knew no better, of course. They had no idea what was coming, but the people knew very well what was in store once they found themselves on the wrong side of the barbed wire fences.

Some tried to climb the wire, but the soldiers had made sure it was high enough and sharp enough to make it impossible to climb over. Always the guards were there. Always they were spotted. Those who had climbed too high to return to the ground quickly were shot down. No one ever escaped over the wire. Those who survived the attempt were punished severely. No one ever tried a second time.
Read the story on AO3

There's still time!

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:07 am
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You can still write a story for the PicFic that's due today, or any prompt that you've missed. I'm still catching up too! Eventually I'll have a few things to post!

This is the prompt with stories due for today.  (If you can't post today that's okay, better late than never!)

The prompt for today:

RULES of the Challenge HERE

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Every Tuesday a photo prompt will be posted and you have until the following Tuesday to post your gen Man from UNCLE story. For those of you new to the challenge the rules are as follows:

Your story is Due: Tuesday September 19th. Please post on this date, but it you’re a little late, that's okay. Better late than never!

Statistical stuff: Minimum 500 words, no maximum

Subject Matter: Write a MFU story based on the photo prompt.

Posting here should fit into the GENeral concepts of the section7mfu community, contain nothing explicit
and reflects the 1960's series in style and content, featuring our brave men from U.N.C.L.E.

However, that being said, there is a GEN-mature tag option for stories that contain violence, torture,
angst or very mild het. So if your story falls under one of these categories, please use the appropriate tag(s).

Your fic. can be specifically about the prompt, featured or just mentioned in your story.

The prompt is meant to inspire!

Where to post:

Gen stories, gen-mature post in section7mfu,

Het, long term romance & AU post on our other site mfu_map_room.

All other genres post in uncle_du_jour

Subject Header: Please include in the Subject Header your title, the phrase:'For Picfic Tuesday' and the due date.

When to post:

PicFic stories post on the following Tuesday after the prompt is given. So you have a week to write your fanfic. We try to keep the postings on Tuesday so readers will know when to look for them.

You can also post a story for any previous PicFic prompt that you might have missed. Just use the tag 'picfic' to locate any older prompts. Please note the date of the original prompt if you're posting a story for an older 'PicFic.'

( FYI: previously prompts were posted on Monday, they'll now post on Tuesday of each week)

Please include the photo prompt with your story! It's easier for the reader to relate to the story when then can see the image.

Due to LJ's new user agreement issues, we recommend that you post your stories on another host site such as AO3 or Fanfiction.net or our mirror community0 Section VII on Dreamwidth and post links to them here instead of text. Still it's up to you.

Here's next week's prompt! (an UNCLE-centric one to boot!)

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Short Affair 9/11
Prompt: Coffee
Color: Crimson

Title: There You'll Be
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~860

Summary: Even the best agent can be haunted by nightmares; fortunately, he has a partner that can help.

Gen version is available at my DreamWidth


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