May. 1st, 2010

The End

May. 1st, 2010 10:38 am
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Well, it's over. On Thursday the tutoring center M and I have been working at closed it's doors. So off we go, job hunting. Bleeech. M is looking to going back into student services. She did that while she finished her degree and really liked it. I'm going to give laboratory science a try. California is just ridiculous with regards to the teaching profession. For the last ten years I haven't minded jumping through the hoops, but as I have seen some teachers who shouldn't be in the classroom anymore protected by tenure and some really good teachers lose their jobs, I'm afraid I'm leaving education. Sad thing is that I love teaching, but the hoops don't guarantee a great teacher in each classroom. The newest thing is that districts are now giving preference to teachers with master's degrees. What a pain!

On a happier note, I may be able to keep some of my single subject students. I'll charge less than the center. I'm in touch with some of them on Facebook. I'll probably put a notice on Craig's List as a math/science tutor. Then I can still teach. Yay! Even better, M has an interview at UC Berkeley this week. Apparently, it's really difficult to get an interview if you are not already working there. We're hopeful, and it's what she wants to do. Fingers and toes crossed.

All in all, we've always been okay in the past so I have no doubt we'll be okay now too. I get that when God closes a door he opens a window, but really...I'm getting a little old to keep climbing through windows.


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