Apr. 21st, 2010

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As a general rule, I'm a fairly optimistic person. I'm losing my optimism. Faculty meeting tonight. The big news? We may have to close the center, complete with the executive director in tears. It wasn't like most of us didn't already suspect. No one has hours, except me because I teach SAT prep and have some single subject students. So in about two or three weeks both me and M may well be unemployed. Just once I'd like something to go right. So M is frantically looking for a job and I really have no skills, except teaching. I'm too expensive for the Diocese to hire me as a high school teacher and the latest is that the public schools want master's degrees. 

I had hoped that we'd actually be open through the summer so I could take some classes to regain my lab skills. Yep, have to go back to school in order to get a job. If I can't teach I want to be in the science field. So off I go!

Just to cheer me up and remind myself that I produced and raised an incredibly kind and talented son I'm posting this vid here. It's just a clip of something my son and a friend did. My son did all the editing. We've got to get this kid in school. My son is the long haired 'hippy' you will see frolicking. His friend is the narrator.

Hippy Trailer


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