Feb. 17th, 2010

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Damn it, I have a cold! Sore throat, stuffy head, aches...I was kind of hoping that with two different flu shots this season no self respecting germ would come near me.  No such luck! And I finally got two days off in a row, and haven't the energy to do a darn thing. :P Didn't even go to band rehearsal last night. I really wish parents would keep their kids home when they're sick. A couple of my SAT students have been hacking and sneezing for the last week or so. Guess where I got a cold.

Of course this means that Joy (little black kitty) is driving me nuts. Constantly sitting near me and staring or climbing up to be held. She's so cute. Who says animals have no emotions? Never met one that didn't. The two boys are just being their usual laid back selves. Although, Peek-a-Boo (our gray tabby) has begun to learn naughty since we moved into the house. Last night he got squirted with water for scratching on the furniture. Hope I haven't scarred him for life.

Oh great, just tried to talk...I think I'm losing my voice. Supposed to sing on Sunday; this is not what I need. And I have four loads of laundry staring at me and I don't really feel like doing them. I hate having a cold. Not really sick enough to stay in bed, but not really well enough to feel like doing anything else. Well, enough whining. I'm off to make some tea and see if that helps my throat. Can you believe it, the two types of tea that I like best when I have a sore throat, I developed allergies to. Can't drink echinacea or orange spice anymore. Actually, I've know that for years but they were my faves in college for a sore throat, especially if I had to sing.  Well, off I go to try and be productive. At least a little. : )


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