Feb. 3rd, 2010

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I have an unusual Wednesday off. So I've cleaned up the living room (we're having our first house guest for the weekend), guest room is all set up, and I'm watching MFU dvd's. Oh yeah, short stories are posted and the newsletter is done. Gee, I guess I have done a bit today.

My Sweety is not having fun at work anymore and now the boss is saying that she may have to go back to hourly because boss can't afford to keep her on salary. Not like she pays for benefits or anything. Boss doesn't get that folks just don't have the money to plop down thousands of dollars for a tutoring program regardless of how good we are. Resumes at the ready, again. : P
Actually, I'm considering going to school to refresh my laboratory skills and going into lab work. Education just doesn't pay enough to survive which is really sad because I love to teach. Unfortunately, I can't get a job teaching science and now the public schools are giving priority to teachers with masters degrees.

On the performance front, it looks like ACLO (the theater company I've been with for the last 10 years) is going to be no more. It's really sad because it's such a great company. The board says it's not closing but they're having a 'fundraiser' in which they're selling everything. So things don't bode well for the company.

Band is going well. Sometimes, I'm really amazed at how much I can play after only five years with the instrument. The next concert is at the end of March and believe it or not, I like all the music we're doing. It is the hardest music I've ever done and I have to really practice between now and then to be able to play it. Wow, lots of work. Oh and I still take lessons for which I have to practice. I'm slowly building up to an hour a day again. I got out of the habit when we were moving.

I'm rewriting one of my stories, hopefully for publication in a zine. Whee! That would be so cool and I'm really excited about the possibility. Well, I guess I'd better get back to it. I know there's a deadline for submission and I'm sure it's coming relatively soon. Off to write some more.


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